Found Exhibition

19 July to 1 August 2023

This was an exhibition 19 July to 1 August, 2023. Displaying a collection of ceramics by Rosalie Morris and paintings by Marcer Campbell.

Folkestone Rocks

I grew up in Folkestone. When I was a kid Rowlands Rock shop was at the top of this street. Next door was a pottery. I could stand watching these shops for hours. The coloured strands of sugar and the skill of the potter on his wheel. 

Making these pots the different colours of the sugar strands, and the potter at his wheel, came right back to me.

These pieces are Parian clay and a mix of stoneware. Parian clay isn’t thrown, it is mainly used for slip casting. When my casting went a bit wrong I didn’t want to waste the expensive clay.  I tried to throw the Parian clay and although it wasn’t easy I loved the result.

What I love about Parian clay is its self-glazing properties, it feels a bit like glass after firing. It is soft and marble like. These pieces are not glazed. What you see is the bare clay body with the colours running right through the piece.

Just like rock.


Blue and White Parian & stoneware

Mixed clay mugs £25

Mutant pigs

Salt & Pepper shakers

Parian slip cast