About Sandgate Ceramic.

Rosalie Morris, a passionate ceramic artist, is the visionary behind Sandgate Ceramics, established in 2022. Her artistic journey is a testament to the enduring love affair with clay that has woven through her life.

Rochester KIAD

Rosalie’s artistic foundation took root when she pursued a diploma in 3D Design at Rochester KIAD (Kent Institute of Art and Design) from 1994 to 1996.

During this time Rosalie specialised in ceramics and with excellent tutors this formed an extensive foundation.

The Difference Engine in clay by Rosalie Morris degree show, 1999

Edinburgh College of Art

She pursued a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Ceramics and Glass at Edinburgh College of Art, 1996 to 1999.

Her time at ECA became a period of artistic growth and a desire to push the boundaries of the medium. It was during this period that she specialised in mould-making and slip casting found objects.

Rosalie Morris degree installation. Inspired by Charles Babbage and the relationship between humans and technology.

Throughout the years following her academic pursuits, life took Rosalie down various paths. It wasn’t until lockdown that she rekindled her intimate relationship with clay. During this time of introspection and isolation, she found solace and inspiration by returning to the very essence of her passion. A simple bag of clay became the catalyst for a resurgence of creativity and a reawakening of her deep-seated love for the art of ceramics.

In 2022, fuelled by this rekindled passion, Rosalie Morris founded Sandgate Ceramics, space where her artistic visions take form.

Warmly crafting stories through clay, Rosalie Morris, Sandgate Ceramic